Type Private Field
Coordinates 13.930818,-90.729263
Elevation (Ft) 8
Runway Heading 09-27
Runway Length 2625 ft
Frequencies Communications on Unicom “Iztapa Trafico” 122.80
Additional Info Private grass runway managed by Aeroclub Guatemala. Members of the Aeroclub Guatemala can fly there without advanced notice. Guests have to contact the Aeroclub and pay a fee beforehand. This is pilots paradise: under 30 minute flight, hotel, restaurant, pool, hot weather all year around. You will often find fellow pilots for a $100 breakfast in Iztapa.

Iztapa usually has calm or very light winds, some sea and land breeze. Most aircrafts land on 27 and takeoff from 09. Closest METAR information is from San Jose (MGSJ), under 10 NM west of Iztapa.

Check out this article about Entry Pattern for Iztapa.

Iztapa is the destination for the “lunadas” / full moon night flights. The Aeroclub organizes these flights between November and February, when the flying weather is optimal and club members fly down to Iztapa in daylight and back to Guatemala in the dark. This requires a special permission for takeoff from Iztapa and requires the pilots to be instrument rated to fly back to Guatemala on a IFR flight plan. It is interesting to takeoff from Iztapa with runway lights turned on, then turn right over the ocean and depending on the conditions, not have any horizon. Good instrument training.