Global Density Altitude Graph

The graph below shows density altitude trend over of last 4 days of the selected airport. Any airport with sufficient information to calculate density airport from the Aviation Weather Website can be queried. This tool is not limited to Guatemala, it works world-wide!

Type the ICAO (4 letters) code for the airport you want to generate the density altitude graph on the fly.

Airport ICAO code:
Top 10 Most frequently queried airports:

Or check out this small selection of airports around the world:


The above graph is generated based on METAR data from the Aviation Weather Website. Check the source data here.

Disclaimer! Dont use this tool for flight planning. There is not guarantee that the above numbers are accurate.

How to use the tool
1. Type the 4 letter ICAO code of an airport. Alternatively you can simply click on one of the most frequently queried airport identifiers such as MGQZ

2. Click Submit

3. Validate graph. Extremely big differences from one data point to the next must raise suspicion. Check the source data with the link above.

4. Analyze the result. Hover over the data points with your mouse and the graph will show you the specifuc density altitude values over time. The blue line shows the actual altitude of the airport.

How the tool works
1. The ICAO code is being looked up in the list of airports of the Aviation Weather website. If the airport is found the altitude is extracted from this file. Altitude is usually required to calculate density altitude. Additionally the graph shows altitude as blue line.

2. METAR information is queried and parsed from the Aviation Weather website. Click on the source data link above to view the raw data the graph is generated from.

3. The data is passed and the density altitude is being calculated. The density altitude calculations are based off the website of Richard Shelquist.

4. The result is then plotted in the graph.

3 Responses to Global Density Altitude Graph

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  2. Fredy says:

    This is cool, specially in your plan to go there. I was in MGHT for the Hollyweek’s vacation and believe me it ain’t fun to take off in a Cessna 172 due to the density altitude. Although I calculated weight and balance, C.G., performance is bad, ground roll ’til rotation is endless, climb gradient inoperable because of the low speed, stall warning alarm nervewracking, and that fricking ghost of getting on the reverse curve of power assaulting you even when your’e buzzing out of options. Always lookout for density altitude in this airport.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Fredy!

      I wonder if any of the “normal” (Cessna, Piper, etc.) can be flown out of that airport in peak hours. What airplane can? Only STOL planes?

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