Sample Radio Communication

The below radio communication is a made up example for a flight from La Aurora Guatemala (MGGT) to San Jose (MGSJ). It includes hand-offs from Guatemala Ground to Guatemala Tower, then further to San Jose Radio and Tower at the end. This information might be helpful for beginners or non native Spanish speakers.

This page has been updated thanks to the great feedback from Lei! Thanks for the tips from a pro!

 File flight plan
Chose Radio Frequency 121.90 – Guatemala Ground
Taxi and hold short before taxiway and where you can be seen from the tower
Listen for 5 seconds before talking

TG-DAY “Control Terrestre La Aurora, Tango Gulf Delta Alfa Yankee (even if the communications are in Spanish, the English phonetic alphabet should be used) , Hangares de Whiskey, altura Lima, instrucciones.”
MGGT Ground “Delta Alfa Yankee, mantener corto por trafico Cessna 182 en calle de rodaje oeste hacia cabecera 01”
TG-DAY “Mantener corto, Delta Alfa Yankee”

Cessna 182 passes by

MGGT Ground “Delta Alfa Yankee, ruede a punto de espera pista 01 via calle de Rodaje Oeste, siga a Cessna 182, active transponder 1632.” (Transponder code range for visual departures from La Aurora is 1601 to 1647)
TG-DAY “Atras del 182 a cabecera 01 via calle de Rodaje Oeste, código transponder 1 6 3 2, Delta Alfa Yankee”

Start taxiing to runway 01. At Kilo

MGGT Ground “Delta Alfa Yankee, contacte Guatemala Torre 118.10”
TG-DAY “Cambiando frequencia a 118.10, Delta Alfa Yankee”

Tune Radio Frequency 118.10 – Guatemala Ground
Listen for 5 seconds before talking

TG-DAY “Torre La Aurora, Tango Golfo Delta Alfa Yankee,  listo para despegar.”
MGGT Tower “Delta Alfa Yankee, La Aurora Torre, mantener corto 01, numero dos en sequencia despues de 182”
TG-DAY “Mantener corto 01, Delta Alfa Yankee.”

182 taking off

MGGT Tower “Delta Alfa Yankee, La Aurora Torre, rodear a posicion 01 y mantener”
TG-DAY “Rodear a posicion 01 y mantener, Delta Alfa Yankee”

Lineup on runway 01

MGGT Tower “Delta Alfa Yankee, autorizado despeguar pista 01”
TG-DAY “Autorizado despeguar 01, Delta Alfa Yankee”

Taking off
10 NM South West entering Canyon de Palin

TG-DAY “Torre La Aurora, Delta Alfa Yankee, 10 millas sierra whiskey canyon de Palin.”
MGGT Tower “Delta Alfa Yankee, contacte a San Jose Radio 126.75”
TG-DAY “Contactando San Jose Radio 126.75, Delta Alfa Yankee”

Tune Radio Frequency 126.75 – San Jose Radio
Listen to 5 seconds before talking

TG-DAY “San Jose Radio, Tango Golfo Delta Alfa Yankee.”
MGSJ Radio “Delta Alfa Yankee, San Jose Radio.”
TG-DAY “Delta Alfa Yankee, despegado la Aurora a las 1510 (UTC), Transponder 1632, Altitud 6500 , 10 Millas SW de Aurora, Canyon de Palin, 15 Minutos en Ruta, 4 horas de autonomia, 2 Almas abordo.”

Note that this is the order the Air Traffic Controller will usually have to write down your information. Providing the information in this order will help the controller.

MGSJ Radio “Delta Alfa Yankee, QNH 29.90. Informacion de trafico. Cessna 210 Canyon de Palin 7+500 sentido contrario. Notifica 10 millas de la estacion.”
TG-DAY “Pendiente del trafico, notifico 10 millas, Delta Alfa Yankee”

With Cessan 210 at sight

TG-DAY “Delta Alfa Yankee con trafico a la vista”

10 NM out from MGSJ

TG-DAY “San Jose Radio, Delta Alfa Yankee 10 millas de su estación”
MGSJ Radio “Delta Alfa Yankee, contacte San Jose Torre 118.50”
TG-DAY “Cambiando a San Jose Torre 118.50”

Tune to 118.50 – San Jose Tower
Listen for 5 seconds before talking

TG-DAY “San Jose Torre, Tango Golfo Delta Alfa Yankee, 10 millas de su estacion instrucciones para aterizaje”
MGSJ Tower “Delta Alfa Yankee, pista en usa 15, aproximacion directa, notifica 2 millas final”

2 NM final 15

TG-DAY “San Jose Torre, Delta Alfa Yankee, 2 millas final uno cinco”
MGSJ Tower “Delta Alfa Yankee, autorizado aterizar 15, viento calmo”

Landing on runway 15


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  2. martin karbet says:

    nice to see how you comunícate with Aurora Tower, but I feel we should do it in English, I like to do it only in English.

    Greetings Martin PPL 3651715

    • admin says:

      Martin. I personally believe that all communications in La Aurora should be English only. Since this is an International Airport speaking Spanish reduces situational awareness for the international pilots that don’t speak Spanish. The communications were taken from a real life example. Maybe all pilots should start communicating in English on voluntary basis? Greetings!

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  4. Jose Jorge says:

    Great article! You communicate in spanish or english? I think that it is better to communicate in english cause is the aviation language

    • admin says:

      Jose Jorge,

      I handle radio communications in Spanish. But I do agree with you that at least in MGGT all communications should be in English. Around local airports I would think that Spanish is the better choice because of better proficiency.

      Thanks for your comment!

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