La Aurora International Airport – MGGT

Type International Airport
Coordinates N14 35.153′, W90 31.601′
Elevation (Ft) 4885
Runway Heading 01-19
Runway Length 8940
Frequencies ATIS 127.65
Ground 121.90
Tower 126.75
Instrument Authorization 120.70
Approach 119.30
VOR 114.50
ILS 110.10
ADF 375
Sunrise and Sunset Check out current sunset and sunrise for La Aurora, Guatemala (MGGT) here
Additional Info Most commonly runway 01 is in use. A slighlty steep approach is suggested because of downwinds in canyon just before beginning of runway 01.

The below graphs are from the website The site has cool weather statistics and other information.
Flight Rule StatisticsWind Profile MGGT

Approach information

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