I would like to invite you to propose interesting articles for pilots flying in Guatemala. Flying in Guatemala is very rewarding! The scenery is absolutely beautiful with the volcanos and oceans. It is also just as challenging… Have fun reading these articles.

This article is analyzing a engine failure after takeoff at the La Aurora International airport. Based on the performance data of a Cessna 172 it calculates the area of possible emergency landings. Not much, but see for yourself.
There are two obvious choices to fly from La Aurora to Caobanal: E of Pacaya or via Palin. Here is my perspective of choice on a windy day.

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  1. Rochelle says:

    Hi! We are taking a 9 day vacation to Guatemala in October. My husband is an airline pilot in the US (flying commercially for > 7 years) and we would REALLY like to get up in a plane while we are down there. We are mainly staying in Antigua, but are flying in/out of Guatemala City. Do you have any information regarding how we could get up with a cfi for a tour flight?

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