Flight Preparation

Wondering how much visibility there is? Or want to double-check the METAR information. Find visual references with distance measures under this link.
There is plenty of information in the Internet to decode information from METARs. This information does not include all possible codes. It does include codes from Guatemala though. They might not be so common elsewhere or have you to deal with vulcanic ash often? Well here in Guatemala this is worth a daily NOTAM and sometimes requires note in the METARS.
A small collection of some interesting METAR reports.
One of the aspects of METAR information I look at is the wind trend. This graph visualises the information over several hours.
Aircraft Performance is highly influenced by Density Altitude. Here you will find up-to-date density altitude graphs that should help drive awareness and understanding of the risks, especially in a country with high altitude airports, high temperatures and high humidity, all factors for driving up density altitude.

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