Adding some pics from a past trip in Guatemala

Just wanted to share some pictures from a trip in the past in Guatemala. Original destination was Flores, but the route ended up being completely different because of weather conditions. Interesting question that arises…

Do you require visual contact with terrain when you fly under VFR? Would like to hear what you know / think.

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  1. Oscar Avallw says:

    No, you don’t need to see the ground to be VFR. Actually, there is the concept of VFR on top.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Oscar! As I was investigating this a little, it seems that tin the UK the rules are slightly different and do require visual contact with terrain. From a security standpoint I don’t think it is prudent to fly with no visual contact with terrain too far around you. If I think about an engine failure in mountainous terrain with no terrain visual… not a good situation to be in. Would you agree?

  2. oavalle says:

    Interesting…I went flying yesterday…perfect day for flying in Guatemala… So i would like to share with you a video I made…

  3. Jose Jorge says:

    Yeah, there’s the VFR on top but actually that is part of an IFR clearance so it’s better that you have the visual contact with the ground mostly if you fly in mountainous terrain like here in Guatemala.

    • admin says:

      True. One day I flew back from Rio Dulce to Guatemala. We left Rio Dulce in visual conditions, but only through an opening in the sky. Then flew on top of clouds. Before takeoff, we obviously checked weather and Guatemala was completely clear (METAR, web cams, fellow pilot spotter). I could see the Agua from Morales and started seeing cloud holes with visual contact to the terrain 15 minutes into the flight. Given the situation and information we had, I believe the GO decision was OK. But I wonder how long on top is acceptable?

  4. admin says:

    Something else to consider… Found in the RAC.

    Sección 02.507. Requisitos de equipo: operaciones VFR sobre techo de nubes o nocturnas Ninguna persona puede operar bajo condiciones visuales un avión sobre
    techo de nubes o de noche; a menos que ese avión esté equipado con los instrumentos y equipos requeridos para operaciones IFR bajo la Sección 02.205 d) y una luz eléctrica de aterrizaje para operaciones nocturnas. Cada instrumento del equipo usado debe estar en condición operativo.

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