Nicaragua Flying Cost has been added

Recently we made it to Nicaragua. This has been my first time and I absolutely loved it. Below find the cost as a guideline. I have added this to the Central America International Flight Cost page.

Return Flight: La Aurora, Guatemala (MGGT) – Costa Esmeralda, Nicaragua (MNCE)

Location Description Cost
Guatemala Handling Fee $60
Guatemala Approach Fee $20
Guatemala Communication and FBO Coordination $15
Guatemala Passenger Departure Tax $33 per passenger *
Guatemala Agriculture Desinfection Fee $10
Guatemala Agriculture Inspection Fee $11
Guatemala Overflight Permit Nicaragua $30
Nicaragua Technical Dispatch $7
Nicaragua Approach and Landing Fee $7
Nicaragua Parking Fee (2 days plus 4 hours) $28
Nicaragua Passenger Departure Tax $35 *
Nicaragua Handling $100
Nicaragua International Flight Plan and fees $105
Nicaragua & Guatemala Fuel for your airplane. AvGas not available in Costa Esmeralda airport
TOTAL Fees $439 with 1 passenger

Credit cards were accepted for all payments.

A fuel stop in Ilopango, El Salvador (MSSS) added another $5 in fees to the above. Depending on your aircraft, you might be able to complete the return flight without the additional stop.

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2 Responses to Nicaragua Flying Cost has been added

  1. Anthony E Goss says:

    Thank you so much for posting these. I am truly disappointed in all the surcharges and fees. It was my understanding that non-commercial aircraft were exempt from many of these fees, especially the overflight and handling fees. It seems that you pay more in fees than fuel.
    This is really making me rethink my retirement plans. My goal was to live out of Atitlan with a Glasiar Sportsman and travel with my wife.
    Are there ways to eliminate or reduce these fees? What about IFR vs VFR?

    • admin says:

      Hello Anthony,

      these charges apply to cross-boarder travel. If you stay within country bounderies, you don’t have to landing or other fees for the most part. A North America registered aircraft pays 1,000 GTQ every three months and then only landing fees are in MGMM and MGPB as far as I know. Other ways to save some money might be registering the plane in Guatemala.

      Happy to discuss options in more details.
      All the best!

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