Sunday morning

Sunrise in the morning from the Guatemala airport. This looked very promising even if Rio Dulce’s web cam showed overcast and light rain.

Just before Zacapa the view confirmed that the web cam wouldn’t lie. A nice view from here, but no good news for the plan to fly to Rio Dulce.

Changing plans… the new destination would be Coban. On the way we would spot a couple of runways. The runway Trece Aguas was quite a sight. This uphill runway must be quite a thrill for landing…. Maybe another day / decade :).Next way point Lankin, but because if a low cloud cover, we couldn’t spot Semuc Champey. From there to Coban which also is a uphill runway, but doesn’t compare to Trece Aguas.Taking a last look before taking off downhill.Some more nice views on the way back from Coban to Guatemala.The vulcanos on the horizon showing the way back to Guatemala city.

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