Visual Departure Raymo

Recently on a flight to Coban Guatemala tower requested to follow the Visual Departure Raymo procedure. I have tried to find the published departure since then with no success. One hint I was able to find were visual departures where the missed approach fix Raymo is located on the 10 NM DME arc on radial 350 and is supposed to passed at 10,000 Feet. The tower did provide the following information, after acknowledging that I was not familiar with that departure.

“Visual Departure Raymo”
– Intersept 345 VOR
– Stay below 8,000 Feet
– Until 11 NM DME

After that I was cleared to climb and fly directly to Rabinal/Coban.

The above information provided by the tower and the instrument departure match in the sense that they provide 2,000 Feet traffic seperation.

Have you heard of this or other visual departures?

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2 Responses to Visual Departure Raymo

  1. Oscar Avalle says:

    Well, insteresting. I have not seen the Visual Departure Procedure… but what do you do? You just tell them, I am sorry… I don’t have it… or what.

    • admin says:

      Hello Oscar,

      that is exactly what I did! Told them that I was not familiar with that departure and if they could please provide necessary details. They did it very friendly.

      All good.

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