When do we fly?

As you may well understand (some of our significant others don’t…but nevermind) when Friday comes around we start making plans on where we could fly. May be Iztapa for a short breakfast and meet with other pilots, may be some approaches, may be a flight to Flores, Rio Dulce or who knows where… But then you start feeling that a cold is taking over your body… No, not today…! Let’s take something to get over it… I am sure it is nothing. So you decide to buy some over the counter cold medicine and you do feel better… But did you read what it says on the box? Are you still a safe pilot after you take these drugs? The only person to answer that question is: you…

Well, that is exactly what happened to me this weekend. I was so looking forward to flying my Mooney, try out the TCAS, fly some approaches, use my recently calibrated AOA… make another video. Everything was lined up. But a bug decided to take over my body and I finally said: no, I am not a safe pilot today and cancelled my flight. So hopefully, next weekend.

Be careful up there.


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